LilyKnight: Arc Demon / Dark Phoenix / Dragon
A Bit About Her: She is an ancient 'Being'. Earliest memories are from the time of light and shadow. She has traveled the world and seen many things, interacted with cultures & races. During that time would live among them, hidden in the shadows. She has a dark past, but sometime around the dark ages met someone who changed her view of things. Now in present time she is trying to aquire humanity within her. 
She can take an armored form, dragonic / phoenix looking form and a human form.

Personality: Very dominant, aggressive and sadistic. Her more mellow moods are loving and protective. Sometimes neutral moody.

Archangel Samael: Archangel of Light and Darkness
A Bit About HIm: He embraces both sides light and darkness, however when it counts he sides with divine. He is one of the 7 Archangels. He has a human form to use amongst the mortal world. He is brown skinned with reddish white eyes. Dark black hair.

Personality: His dark and human form are mischevious and curious as well as perverted at times. His light side is more serious, quiet and focused.